Joel Ruiz

Joel Ruiz

Gets the title as Certified Public Accountant and Administrator in Marketing at Instituto Tecnologico Autonomo de Mexico. Studies in Canada, Germany and Austria, which gives him experience and company global overview.

At the end of both degrees, begins working as financial advisor and management dedicated to retail computer equipment industry, which during 2003-2005 was changing it´s structure. This time forged experience and aversion to uncertainty.

Early 2004 he establishes two companies: Mexico Dulce, a commercialization company dedicated to traditional Mexican candy, the second one Impuestum Office Counters, company specialized on accounting, fiscal and administrative management.

One dream has always been to launch new projects. Skills that over time have been developed focus on entrepreneurs and new companies sharing the same mission: to “grow together”.

During this first professional decade, creativity has been an important ingredient to advise companies or organizations to achieve sustainable viability in such competitive times.